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0001762ardourfeaturespublic2007-07-11 13:26
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Summary0001762: Crossfaded Loop maker
DescriptionI've been trying to make drum loops in ardour by recording myself playing a hand drum, then setting loop points and adjusting them until it loops over exactly two bars. Then I trim the region to be the same length as the loop and duplicate it to fill the track.

It occurred to me that it would be nice if there was a feature to generate crossfaded loops as follows:

- when you right click on a region, you get an option 'make loop'
- this asks you for the crossfade length in ms - call this 'n'
- everything between start+n and end-n is copied unchanged to a new loop file.
- audio from start to start+n is copied to the start of the new loop, and audio from end-n to end is copied to the end of the file, but instead of copying them unchanged, they are mixed with audio from end to end+n, and from start-n to start.
- i.e. the start and end of the loops are crossfaded into each other in a wraparound way.

This would prevent there being any noticeable 'click' or inconsistency at the loop point.

I originally suggested this as part of bug 1754, but have moved it to this new bug number to prevent confusion.
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2007-07-11 13:11

reporter   ~0004121

Your idea sounds very interesting, but it's not the best click protection, is it?

To prevent clicks, your algorithm also needs to consider a loop envelope:

Actually, your algorithm calls for two envelopes

The first envelope would work on the "start+n" and "end-n" data and the second envelope would work on the "end+n" and "start-n"


2007-07-11 13:26

reporter   ~0004123

Sorry, that's what I meant but I didn't explain it very well. What I mean is that the start and end of the loop would be crossfaded into each other, in a similar way to when you overlap two regions on the same track, but with the region around the start of the loop being crossfaded with the region around the end of loop. I.e. you have two envelopes as you say, which are used when mixing the audio together in the overlapped regions of the loop.

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