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0001754ardourfeaturespublic2007-07-12 18:04
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Summary0001754: Feature to set region start/end to current loop range
DescriptionI've just been recording a djembek drum loop. I recorded a track in Ardour, turned looping on and pulled the loop points in until it was looping nicely over two bars. It would have been handy at this point to be able to tell Ardour to set the region's start and end point to the same as the current loop range. You can do something like this using 'seperate regions in range', but it's not what you want when all you're doing is trying to set a good loop point.

Another related feature that might be handy for making loops is to be able to create a new loop file from a region that is constructed as follows:

- audio well within the region is copied over to a new file unchanged
- audio well outside is not copied.
- but audio near to the boundaries is crossfaded in a wraparound way, with some audio from before the region start being faded into the end of the region, and some from just after the end of the region being faded into the start.
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2007-07-10 19:46

reporter   ~0004116

One issue per report would be nice;).

The way I do it, is make a loop, then locate the playhead to the beginning of the loop, then make a mark and move the playhead to the end of the loop and make a new mark.

Is this what you mean?.


2007-07-10 20:34

reporter   ~0004118

I can do that, but having done that how do you trim the region to exactly the length of the loop? The only ways I can see to do this are either to do it by eye, or else to use 'separate regions within range' and delete the regions that are created outside the loop range, which is not too bad but a bit awkward, and it would be nice to have an option on each region saying 'trim to loop range'.


2007-07-11 00:39

reporter   ~0004119

B0ef wrote: 'One issue per report would be nice;). '

I've created a new bug 1762 'crossfaded loop maker' with the second half of my suggestion in it.


2007-07-11 12:48

reporter   ~0004120

I'm sorry, but I do not understand;). Please explain more.

The separate regions in range is supposed to work on just selections, but it's not. I guess that is not related?:


2007-07-11 13:18

reporter   ~0004122

OK, I'll try to explain better what I mean. What I want to end up with is a region of audio trimmed so that its start and end points correspond to exactly two bars of the drum pattern I was playing. The way I went about doing this was to set it playing in looped mode, then adjust the two loop markers until the loop sounded right.

So at this point, I have a long region with a short segment of it marked by the loop markers. I want to be able to trim the region so that it starts and ends exactly at the loop markers (so I can then use it with other regions to produce a complete drum track). You can do this with 'seperate regions in range' (although not if bug 1468 which you mention is still unfixed), but it seems like a long winded way to do things - you end up having to delete the extra regions which are created before and after the looped region, when all you want is to adjust the start and end points of one region to coincide with the loop markers.

So what I'm suggesting is that the menu which comes up when you right-click on a region could have an option in it called 'trim to loop markers' which would look to see if the region contained the two loop points, and if so it would move the start of the region to the first loop point, and the end to the second loop point.

This seems to be a similar issue to bug 1332.


2007-07-12 18:04

reporter   ~0004128

I understand;) ..and it's a good idea

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