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0001741ardourbugspublic2007-07-02 00:22
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Product Version2.0 
Summary0001741: Tracks not recording into timeline, but region still created in list - causes crash and corrupt session
DescriptionAfter working with a project for some time, I decided to import the hydrogen drums into a new track, and the qsynth bass into another. When recording, the rec armed track regions flash red and follows the playhead, but no wave form is visible. Once the recording is finished, their is no region inserted in the track, but the region has been created and exists in the regions list. I then have to drag the regions back into the track. This often leads to a crash, from which Ardour cannot recover my previous session at all, or alternatively, the newly recorded tracks are still not placed in the timeline. If I do a snapshot then I can reload the session successfully, but the saved .ardour session is never recoverable.
Additional InformationDistro: Gentoo 2.6.16-rt29, using single core (not smp), 32 bit
Build: 2.0 from portage (not SVN)
System: AMD X2 3800+, 2 Gig RAM, NVidia FX6600GT
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2007-07-02 00:22

reporter   ~0004092

I discovered this only happens when the playhead starts from the very beginning, move it to the right even one frame and the problem is resolved.

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