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0001729ardourfeaturespublic2009-09-10 02:18
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Product Version2.0 
Summary0001729: Mootcher Support
DescriptionThe freesound project puts out a library that apps can use to access freesound samples right in the GUI

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2007-06-27 20:29

administrator   ~0004084

we have looked at this and we like it.

its all just a matter of time/people to add it.


2008-03-27 15:49

reporter   ~0004816

I've seen that this has started to appear in the latest revisions. Great work.

I have some suggestions regarding the UI of this feature. (should this be a separate feature request?)

* Displaying search results and downloading as separate steps
* Displaying search results immediately, then a per-result, cancelable, download
progress indicator.
* Elective blocking (whether to not display in results, or not download by default) based on past selections: e.g. don't download samples by user X, or with a tag Y
* Use a sidebar tab as the interface (see add-in for firefox for an example of what I'm thinking) This could allow downloads to continue without blocking the whole app.

Yes, those last two are probably very non-trivial.

All the information you would need for the blocking, I suspect, is contained in the XML metadata files that are currently being stored in ~/Freesound/snd/. (current for me being r3186 in 2.0-ongoing)


2008-04-02 18:38

reporter   ~0004830

should this be closed now?


2009-09-10 02:18

administrator   ~0006657

not really. freesound realized that they had a broken API and started fixing it. that was about 18 months ago. they are not done yet.

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