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0001721ardourotherpublic2007-06-14 10:04
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Summary0001721: Website frontpage screen shot is too wide
DescriptionSince a few weeks ago, the screenshot used on the front page of the ardour website has been displaying too wide. It runs into and over the info bar on the right, making anything under it unreadable. This is under firefox running at a size of about 1030x700.

I apologise if this is the wrong place for such reports but I couldn't find anywhere else to send this report.
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2007-06-07 17:56

reporter   ~0004063

I can confirm this, as my bed computer is 1024x768 and it's displaying over the right sidebar making it impossible to get to those links.


2007-06-14 10:04

reporter   ~0004067

This can be fixed simply by putting a css "max-width: 50%" or the likes around it.
This only works in non-borky browsers though (i.e. non IE6 browsers) but since this is a non-windows project I guess that is not a problem ;)

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