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0001712ardourbugspublic2009-07-05 00:04
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Product Version2.0 
Summary0001712: Mackie emulation with bcf2000 crashes ardour using alsa/sequencer ports
DescriptionAdded the suggested lines to ardour.rc but using alsa-sequencer instead of alsa-raw (... i don't always plug my usb controllers on the same order, that's why I can't use the raw ports ... I don't know which number my controllers will take)
On QjackCtl I can see the following IN/OUT ports on ardour:

If I attach port mcu to MIDI input 1 on the bcf2000 to ardour', I can move the bcf faders using the mixer strips on ardour as expected.
When I attach the midi output 1 of the bcf (which actually transmits data, I'm monitoring with aseqdump):
.- to the mcu port, nothing happens, I move a fader, nothing moves in ardour and when I release the fader it jumps back to tha last position set with ardour.
.- to the control port: same as above, nothing happens when moving faders
.- to the seq port: ardour's fader jumps when I move the bcf fader and then ardour freezes.

I tried the same procedure not connecting the ardour's mcu output port to the bcf's input, same problem
Tried also on revision 1810 of the 2.02 svn tree, same problem.

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2007-06-01 20:49

reporter   ~0004041

Yeah, if you doubt it the BCF2000 is in Logic Control mode.


2007-08-01 15:37

developer   ~0004212

There's an issue with alsa/sequencer ports and the mackie code. It looks like it's related to poll.

In the meantime, use alsa/raw ports.


2007-08-02 22:50

reporter   ~0004217

To automatically detect your BCF2000 on boot time (asuming you have it connected at boot) you can add these lines in your /etc/rc.local and access your raw midi device as /dev/snd/BCF2000:

    rm -f /dev/snd/BCF2000
    cd /proc/asound
    for card in card[0-9] ; do
    test "BCF2000" = `cat $card/id` && midi=`echo $card|sed 's/card/midi/g'` && ln -s /dev/snd/$midi /dev/snd/BCF2000


2009-07-05 00:04

manager   ~0006275

Since the design is to use alsa/raw ports as mentioned in the manual, this seems to be working as intended. Don't use alsa/sequencer ports with anything using the logic protocl, be it a BCF or Mackie. Resolving this issue out.

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