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0001631other2013-07-15 00:13
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PlatformDual 666MHz PIIIOSMandrivaOS Version2007
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Fixed in Version3.0 
Summary0001631: When locking to MTC, if the MTC generator and Ardour are not locked to the same ref, they drift apart.
DescriptionWhen locking to MTC, if the MTC generator and Ardour are not locked to the same ref, they drift apart. This in itself is not the problem, this could be argued to be expected. The problem as I see it is that Ardour does not give any indication that this is happening. Over a long period the difference between the incoming MTC and Ardours timeline could be significant.

There are possibly two solutions.

1. Ardour slews to track the incoming MTC.

2. Ardour indicates that the timeline and incoming MTC are out of sync. This could be indicated by some flashing indicator and/or a clock to show the difference between the two.
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related to 0001608 closed Lock indication when received MTC is good and being locked to. 
related to 0001775 feedback The config option "timecode-source-is-synced" from the ardour.rc file should be exposed to the user as a configurable option. 



2007-05-12 21:12

developer   ~0003955

What must be happening at the moment is that Ardour sees the first incoming frame of MTC, uses that as its starting point then moves forward at it's own time line reference, ignoring subsequent incoming MTC.


2013-07-15 00:13

administrator   ~0015108

should be fixed in 3.0 (after complete overhaul of MTC slave & generator)

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