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0001551ardourbugspublic2007-03-14 10:40
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Summary0001551: Bounce generates out of range samples
DescriptionWhen bouncing a range containing two regions with a short crossfade on the overlap between them the bounced file contains at least one out of range sample.

If for instance I have to bounce the same range on several tracks (all of them with corresponding regions an crossfades):
.- I select the range on the first track, bounce it
.- select the second track so to ahve the same range selected, bounce it
.- so on ..
Most usually the second bounced file contains the error sample.
Additional InformationI've found this bug on ardour2 svn version from march 12th, 2007. The regions are tracks recorded on ardour 0.99.3. The original 0.99.3 session was read in ardour2 and saved as a snapshot, from then on it's been used to reproduce the bug.
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2007-03-14 10:40

reporter   ~0003575

By "Out of range sample" I mean digital error samples, samples that go way beyond clipping and appear where everyhting was ok before the bounce.

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