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0001535features2007-03-09 16:49
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Summary0001535: Bouncing of multiple regions on a track does not consolidate all regions into a single WAV file.
DescriptionIf multiple regions are edited together on a track and the desire is to consolidate the seperate sections into a single WAVE via the Bounce command, it creates seperate bounced regions, not a single file.
Additional InformationIt would be convenient to also have the option of automatically placing the consolidated file on the track in place of the previous regions.
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2007-03-07 15:14

reporter   ~0003528

Just another note:

If there are plugins and/or automation inserted on that channel along with multiple regions/edits, it is often very useful to be able to consolidate/bounce that track to a single file in order to free up CPU resources.



2007-03-09 13:31

administrator   ~0003546

that last option could be rather tricky to implement. you seem to be assuming that the regions are placed back-to-back in a track. there is no requirement that this be so, but bouncing N regions to disk will not bounce any intervening silence. for that you want to make a range selection with the range tool and then bounce that.

i suspect that this actually what you want overall, combined with an easy way to make the range snap to the start of the first region and the end of the last one.

do you agree?


2007-03-09 13:32

administrator   ~0003547

your note about CPU resources: this is addressed by "Track freeze". right click on the track, select "Freeze". precisely what you want to happen will happen.


2007-03-09 13:33

administrator   ~0003548

you can also bounce an entire track, but this doesn't turn off existing plugins etc in the way that freeze does, so you can end up with "double FX"


2007-03-09 16:49

reporter   ~0003551


Selecting the bounce range using the range tool works in the desired manner just like you described.

It bounces with plugins and edits to a new audio file as well as silence where there were no regions.

Creating a new playlist on that track for the new bounced audio also enables the positions of all of the edits to be inherently saved in case they must be modified later.

I did notice that creating the new playlist does reset the channel fader to unity but does not disable the plugins on that channel. I am not sure if that would be the desired behaviour or not. I can see the need both ways depending on what you are doing.

The option of saving plugins and other settings to a playlist channel would help in situations where it was needed so that the various playlist's could be A/B'd where they each retain their independent plugs, auto, audio, etc.

I did try to select a range on multiple tracks to bounce all in one action. This resulted in bouncing the audio only on the track which was selected first.

As far as performing the bounce, I was able to snap the selected range to various locations by adjusting the snap parameters and behaviour.

Thanks a ton for the pointers!

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