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0001519ardourfeaturespublic2007-03-05 10:03
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Summary0001519: When selecting a sound in the editor, it would be nice if the name of the selected sound was highlighted somehow in Regions.
DescriptionThis will also make it possible to find out the name of the sound file if the width of the sound object is too small, without zooming in.

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2007-03-02 15:58

reporter   ~0003471

Well, its possible to right click to find the name, of course, but selecting it saves one click.

It would also be convenient in case you want to use the same soundfile somewhere else.


2007-03-04 15:42

administrator   ~0003494

the reverse mapping (select in region list -> select in editor) is implemented.

the direction you are asking for is a bit trickier, but could be done.

the relationship between the region list and the regions displayed in the editor "tracks" is suprisingly complex.


2007-03-05 10:03

reporter   ~0003504

Okay. Better not waste too much time on it then. :-)

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