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0001515ardourbugspublic2007-04-07 03:20
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Summary0001515: Clicking on the right sound object resize handle makes sound object collaps
Subject says it all. After the collaps, I only see a vertical bar, 5 pixels wide perhaps, which I can't resize.

Clicking on the resize handle on the left side does not seem to cause this behaviour.

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2007-04-07 03:20

administrator   ~0003744

the left and middle mouse buttons trim from start+end of the region, respectively.
so, if you click near the right edge with the left button, it will move the start of the region very close to the end. if you click with the middle button, it will simply remove a bit of the end of the region. etc etc etc.

if the resulting region is too small, zoom in and then you can resize. if you are zoomed in too far for this to work, undo.

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