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0001514ardourbugspublic2007-03-05 09:57
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Summary0001514: Fade ins and fade outs dissapears
DescriptionThis one is rather tricky. I struggled a lot to find a reproducaple scheme, but I'm pretty sure this one should do:

1. Create a sound object from a sound file.
2. Create fade in and fade out for these.
3. Let the time to fade in and fade out last as long as the sound file. (maximal length of fade in / fade out)
4. Create a copy of this sound object, by using ctrl + draging it to the right.
5. Create a copy of the copy, by using ctrl + draging it to the right.
6. Drag the first copy to the right, over the second copy, so that they overlap a little bit (30% or so)
7. Drag the first copy again, just a few pixels to the right or left, make sure both copies still overlap. (yes, thats all)
8. Drag the first copy to the left, so that the first and second copy don't overlap anymore.
9. Fade in in the first copy has been automatically removed, and the fade out in the second copy as well.

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2007-03-02 15:20

reporter   ~0003462

Last edited: 2007-03-02 15:22

i just tried this in order you made, on the end the two fades you mentioned gets inactive but they do not disappears here. so i have to activate them again by right-clicking-activate.



2007-03-02 15:22

reporter   ~0003463

Correct. I ment inactive.


2007-03-04 23:10

administrator   ~0003497

This could be due to some intended behaviour; if you have automatic creation of crossfades enabled then fade in/out will be disabled around a crossfade. Is that what you're seeing?

You could check by disabling "Crossfades -> Create automatically" from the Options menu and then trying your test again.


2007-03-05 09:57

reporter   ~0003502

Last edited: 2007-03-05 09:57

Yes, the fades are not disabled if crossfades are turned off. No big surprise there... But I'm not sure if you understood the problem, which is a big inconsistancy in behaviour. Just check out point 7 in my procedure. It makes no sence, from a humans perspective at least. But even without point 7, you still have to follow the procedure above pretty accurately to catch the bug.

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