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0001496ardourbugspublic2007-04-24 18:38
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Summary0001496: some actions are tool dependant when they shouldn't
DescriptionSome actions only work when the object tool is selected, for example editing an automation track. There are more examples of this, but i don't have them at hand.
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2007-02-15 03:15

developer   ~0003291

Some actions or editing operations are only intended to be possible with certain tools, editing automation is only possible using the Object tool and the Automation tool. I'm not sure that it is supposed to be possible with both tools but that is the way it is at the moment.

There is an unconfirmed bug(1475) that may make you think it is possible with the other tools.

What do you think the behaviour should be for the case of editing automation?


2007-02-21 03:47

reporter   ~0003337

Why would you want to make it impossible to edit automation with all tools?
I think its way more practical to allow it.


2007-02-21 04:41

administrator   ~0003338

if you're using the range tool, and you click on an automation point and drag, what do you believe should happen?


2007-02-21 23:48

reporter   ~0003340

I think 1475 was not a bug. If someone points his mouse over an automation point or line and drags, he either wants to move it or he's clicking carelessly.
If you want to select a range on an automation track there are usually tens or even hundreds of other pixels to click on that have the same result. Idem dito for the zoom tool.
The gain tool should function identically to the object tool when on automation tracks. (so these two can both add automation points)
The timefx tool should allow editing of automation points and lines.

--------------------end of bug report, start of feature request-----------------

It would also be nice if automation could be stretched, but that would need a mechanism for defining the beginning of the stretch.
When you strech a region wich has automation and the automation-tracks are selected, maybe you can add an automation-point at the beginning and the end of the region and stretch the automation in between as well.


2007-02-22 20:22

reporter   ~0003359

Another example: You can't create a new Loop/Punch range with any but the Object tool. Moving the range markers works with any tool. I thing the cursor should change to the default arrow over the ruler tracks (or whatever to call them). That means being insensitive to the tool selection, something taht could be considered for automation tracks, too.

Ian Stevenson

2007-04-24 18:38

reporter   ~0003837

Using the range tool in an automation track should select a range of automation points which may subsequently be deleted (as it does now) or, using the object or automation tools , be moved up or down thus modifying a range of automation data. This is done by selecting a range and then using the trim tool in Pro Tools.

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