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0001468ardourbugspublic2008-02-03 20:53
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Summary0001468: Global Effect for Separate Regions in Range
DescriptionThe loop handle context menu entry has "separate regions in range". This tool is supposed to only work on selected tracks, but when used, it cuts right through all the regions on every track.
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2007-02-06 01:11

developer   ~0003180

I can confirm that performing that action will split each region at the loop range boundaries but I don't know if only operating on the track selection is how it is supposed to work. I noticed this comment in the code:

/* XXX i'm unsure as to whether this should operate on selected tracks only
   or the entire enchillada. uncomment the below line to correct the behaviour
  (currently set for all tracks)

I don't think there is any documentation in the manual either. :(


2008-01-20 21:39

reporter   ~0004671

This issue is fixed in 2.2

Please close this bug.


2008-02-03 20:53

developer   ~0004696


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