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Summary0001463: Documentation required on how to contribute to the ardour manual
DescriptionThe Ardour manual has been converted to DocBook and some documentation should be available on how to contribute. This documentation should cover at least:

- What dependencies are required to convert the DocBook source into various formats(only XHTML at this stage) and how to do it.

- The basics of the DocBook format or links to existing documentation.

- Any specific usage of DocBook tags such as using recursive <section> tags vs <sect1-5> etc.

- Add a help target to the build system(A Makefile for now)
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2007-02-05 01:55

developer   ~0003169

Perhaps this information should be placed in the appendix of the manual in a Contributing section.


2007-02-05 03:53

developer   ~0003172

It should also include guidelines for screenshots and diagrams, for instance:

- file format
- platform
- window decoration theme/etc
- size
- subpixel aa/filtering

- file format
- size
- palette
- fonts


2007-02-08 05:03

developer   ~0003194

Last edited: 2007-02-08 10:51

References to style guidelines that closely match the manual style that we(I'm not sure who 'we' is at this point) would like to adhere to.

some possible ideas/candidates:

Gnome Documentation Style Guide ( which is 404 at the moment.

The Style chapter of the Fedora Documentation Guide.



2017-05-17 08:18

reporter   ~0019718

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