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Summary0001438: Permit user to specify the default folder (and drive too?) for the storage of sessions
DescriptionOn icon-based GUIs, the user is generally in the user's home folder/directory when Ardour is started, thus Ardour stores sessions in that folder/directory. It would be advntageous to have an option to specify the default location where sessions will be stored to make it easier to keep track of multiple sessions. This change might also speed performance on systems where multiple drives are available (a common issue for Windows systems; not sure whether performance on Linux/OSX systems would also benefit). Thanks!
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2007-01-27 18:06

administrator   ~0003113

just one footnote to make sure you understand: the new session dialog *does* allow you to change where the session is stored. what is missing is a way to set the default so that you don't have to modify this each time you create a new session.

FYI, ardour also allows you to split a session across multiple drives to get more disk performance.

Finally note that on *nix style systems like OS X and Linux, the concept of "drive" has mostly gone away. You specify folders - if they are on different drives so be it, but there's no way to determine that just from the name. It makes life much simpler compared to the Windows model of DriveLetter:\some\path.

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