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0001431ardourbugspublic2007-01-27 16:09
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Summary0001431: plugin menu not opening up
DescriptionThe plugin menu is not opening up for me in both ardour and ardour2.
When I move the cursor over the 'plugins' entry in the automations menu, only a tiny box with no content is shown (see attachment).
Additional InformationThe LADSPA plugins seem to work right on my system (kubuntu edgy 6.10), jackrack has no problems finding them.
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2007-01-20 01:23


plugins.png (6,512 bytes)   
plugins.png (6,512 bytes)   


2007-01-26 01:35

administrator   ~0003108

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Do you have plugins in use for that track? The way to add plugins in ardour is to right-click in the black box in the mixerstrip and choose "add plugin..." from the popup menu.


2007-01-27 16:09

reporter   ~0003112

OK, my fault ;-)
Perhaps you should make this more clear (e.g. a "<no plugins selected" entry in the menu)
Anyway, thanks for the help!

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