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0000141ardourbugspublic2008-11-20 23:36
Reporterkotau Assigned Totaybin  
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Summary0000141: zipper noise with ladspa plugins
DescriptionI get a lot of zipper noise and general pops and cracks with the ladspa plugins here. This doesn't happen with other ladspa apps. Even at high system load.
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2003-11-18 05:05

manager   ~0000182

Can you give more details about which plugins and what you are doing when you get the zipper noise?


2003-11-18 05:05

manager   ~0000183

Reminder sent to kotau

feedback on bug 141


2003-11-18 05:36

reporter   ~0000185

I was using the glame lowpass, gverb, freeverb, foldover distortion.

simply moving the faders caused the noise.


2003-11-18 06:06

reporter   ~0000186

I also hear a high pitched crackling (zipper?) that can creep into a session I'm
working on. Turning plugins off and it is still there. At first I thought it was
external gear but I don't hear it with other apps or other sessions. It definitely
was not there originally. The levels are not very hot, but it does respond to
fader adjustments. HTH.


2003-12-16 04:14

administrator   ~0000306

I've seen this too. I'll try and gather details, but it seemed to be linked to mouse movement.


2004-02-11 19:49

administrator   ~0000410

of course it does. its a LADSPA (and VST) plugin's job to interpolate changes to
its control data. these plugins don't do that, and so you get clicks and pops and so forth when adjusting them.

the plugins are not implemented correctly.

there is an outstanding problem with the way we write to the plug's control data, and that needs to be fixed. i will file a new bug on that.


2004-02-11 21:25

administrator   ~0000415

Not ardour's fault. contact the plugins' authors.

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