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0000138ardourbugspublic2003-12-12 21:59
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Summary0000138: solo-safe does not work
Descriptionsolo-safe should prevent a track/bus from being muted when another one is soloed (useful e.g. for reverb returns).
when invoked (by shift-clicking on the solo button), the button turns blue, but the associated track/bus is still muted on solo.
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2003-12-12 21:36

manager   ~0000284

this appears to be working as of cvs 2003-12-12 17:00 utc.
did anyone fix this, or was it a heisenbug ?
if the former, this bug should be resolved and closed.


2003-12-12 21:59

manager   ~0000289

fixed as of 2003-12-12 i think.

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