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0001370ardourfeaturespublic2010-11-29 18:11
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Summary0001370: No "Save As" - Button in Ardour 2 beta 8
DescriptionI couldnt find an "Save As" button in Ardour. this seems very unpractical to me. I also miss the possibility to direktly open the backup copys that adour seems to make.
Additional InformationMac OSX
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2006-12-19 20:48

administrator   ~0002928

We don't offer "Save As" because of the question of whether or not to copy the audio data (which is usually substantial). Instead, we offer "Snapshot" which allows you to save the current state of the session *but* within the existing session folder (i.e. there is no question of whether to copy or not copy the audio data). Making a snapshot is really identical to "Save as", and when you load a Snapshot its identical to loading an entirely different session. We encourage the use of Snapshot to save versions of a session as work on it progresses.

One day when we have time to waste on GUI dialogs that try to handle the complexity of "Save as", we will probably add it.


2010-11-29 00:42

developer   ~0009532

Having just wanted to do what would be considered 'Save As' by most people, I really think this needs to be added. A newly saved snapshot isn't really 'Save As'

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