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0001360ardourfeaturespublic2006-12-15 16:51
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Summary0001360: Feature request: pre-capture and post-capture
DescriptionParticularly when using punchin/out, the capture should start and end slightly (1 second?) outside the punch times. The new region should show starting and ending exactly at the punch times, but there should be a bit extra audio data outside the region to allow precision tweaking of the crossfades after the fact.
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2006-12-15 02:57

administrator   ~0002899

And then document that the punch times aren't exactly what were set?


2006-12-15 16:51

developer   ~0002903

I'm not sure I understand the question. The region that is created will have start and end times that perfectly match the punch time. The only difference is that there is a bit of extra audio at the head and tail of the region.

For example: guitar player is going to "punch in" to replace a guitar solo. Said guitar play chooses punch-in times that are right on the start and end times of the solo measures. Guitar player plays masterful solo, but started just an instant before the punch time. The attack from the first note is cut off. If you could slide the region start slightly to the left and "uncover" the attack of the note, that would be nice.

ProTools "QuickPunch" does this. Other workstations do as well.

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