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0001359ardourfeaturespublic2010-07-22 09:27
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PlatformCentrino 1.6GHz LaptopOSLinuxOS VersionMandriva 2007
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Summary0001359: Would be useful to be able to configure meter scale reference marks.
DescriptionCurrently meter scales have marks at -10dBFS, -20dBFS and -30dBFS (amongst others). It would be useful to be able to change the value and position of the -20dBFS mark to reflect the reference point in use in the session. The EBU reference level is 0dBu = -18dBFS, the SMPTE reference level is 0dBu = -24dBFS. There are others as well.

Maybe implement this in the options window as a label 'Meter reference mark' followed by a drop down menu with options from -14dBFS to -26dBFS.
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2006-12-14 17:28

administrator   ~0002890

all good, though i'd like to change the meter scales entirely too, to allow "zooming" on a given range.

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