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0001344ardourbugspublic2007-01-16 23:28
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Summary0001344: Tranzport feedback
Description1) It would be nice if "undo" flashed what was undone on the tranzport display.

Similar other feedback (add marker, etc) would be nice to flash as well (when you are banging on buttons futilely (as per my previous bug report) it's nice to know something happened)

2) The way the shuttle works, at least on my system, seems counter intuitive, or broken, unless I'm just not setting a parameter correctly. No matter the setting of the snap to bar (beats, samples, etc) it always advances the time by a large increment, the first four being: 00:00:14:18, 29:06, 43:24, 58:12. To me it should follow the setting of the snap bar....

Again this is on x86_64, I will try it on x86 later
Additional Informationclosed, darn it. see 1343 for ongoing work.
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duplicate of 0001343 new Tranzport flakyness 



2006-12-02 04:21

developer   ~0002838

Just to get my terminology clear, when I said "shuttle" above, I meant the data wheel, and I was in timeline mode.


2006-12-02 05:29

developer   ~0002841

see also


2007-01-16 23:26

developer   ~0003073

closed, see ongoing work at 1343

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