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0001293bugs2007-02-27 21:59
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Summary0001293: Punch markers can be hidden but the edit area remains colored
DescriptionSVN rev 1067

After creating a punch range, you can select "Hide Range" which will hide the range markers in the timescale. But the colored area in the editor will remain, which can be annoying in a busy session.
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2006-11-03 21:53

developer   ~0002649

Probably related bug: it is also possible for the colored punch reason to stay hidden when you show the markers.


2006-11-03 22:09

developer   ~0002652

Actually this seems to work OK on my 32-bit box. Possibly a 64-bit bug? Or some config issue?


2007-02-27 21:59

developer   ~0003428

The area is colored because the punch-in or -out is enabled. This is not a bug.

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