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0001279ardourbugspublic2010-05-01 23:34
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Summary0001279: Odd region trim behavior with snap to bars
Description[version = 2.0beta5.1]

When normal snap to bars is selected, trimming the start of a region does not work correctly. After clicking on the left end and starting to drag to the right, it will snap to every 2 bars. Moving it back to the left ("untrimming"), it will snap every bar, lagged 1 bar behind the mouse pointer, but will remain 1 bar short of the original start position no matter how far left you keep dragging, until you release the mouse button and drag again.

Using magnetic snap to bars, dragging the start position to the right, it will snap to a point just before every bar; dragging back to the left, it will snap to the bar exactly and also to the point just before each bar.

Trimming the end of a region doesn't seem to exhibit similar behavior - although I know that sometimes I've been unable to "untrim" the end of a region, but I can't reproduce it now.
Tagsfixed in A3



2010-05-01 22:56

administrator   ~0007715

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Confirmed in current A2. Should be fixed in A3.

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