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0001272ardourfeaturespublic2006-10-26 20:37
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Summary0001272: No menu accelerators
DescriptionThere are currently no keyboard accelerators on the menus. These would make the menu-accessible features not only faster to get to, but easily scriptable as well.
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2006-10-26 20:37

administrator   ~0002532

if you are describing ardour 0.99.3, then you report is totally out of date with respect to current development of ardour 2.0. Please clarify which version you are referring to.

many menu items have accelerators. you cannot script menu actions in any way that even remotely makes sense. items that don't have accelerators are because we ran out of bindings that made sense or we didn't the item merited a binding.

gtk2_ardour/ardour.keys contains all the bindings for ardour 2.0. bindings can be modified by moving the mouse pointer over a menu item and pressing the accelerator you want to use for that item. currently, these modified bindings are not saved in ardour.keys but will be soon.

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