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0001230ardourfeaturespublic2008-11-21 00:04
Reportertimbyr Assigned Totimbyr  
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Summary0001230: Autoplay mode in sound file auditioner
DescriptionAuditioning sounds in the sound file browser is slow because each time you want to play a new file you have to move the mouse from the file list and click on the play button.

If there was a checkbox that allowed files to be automatically played when selected I think it would make auditioning sounds much faster.
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has duplicate 0001314 closed Add an option to 'auto play' sound files when they are selected. 
related to 0001483 closedtimbyr Tim's Tracking bug for proposed updates for 2.1 



2006-05-03 15:51

developer   ~0002497

I'm happy to assign this bug to myself once I get feedback that it is indeed the desired functionality


2006-11-30 19:53

administrator   ~0002832

I don't have a problem with this feature if you still want to implement it.


2006-12-01 12:22

developer   ~0002834

Sure, I'd still like to do it unless someone beats me to it. The current functionality isn't actually broken as far as I can tell(just inconvenient) so I would prefer to wait until after the release of the next major version and respect the so called "Feature Freeze"


2007-08-25 14:41

administrator   ~0004297

this has been implemented via double click in paul's code base, soon to be in branches/2.0-ongoing and 2.0.6.


2007-09-27 21:20

reporter   ~0004431

this is working here properly now, if agreed, someone could close the bug?



2007-09-28 01:11

administrator   ~0004432


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