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0001207ardourbugspublic2010-04-26 21:59
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Summary0001207: Freeze Status Bar Doesn't Progress During Freezing
DescriptionThe Freeze 'processing' dialogue box status/progress indicator doesn't progress. To reproduce this, add a sound to a track, add a plugin to slow down the freeze functions so it doesn't freeze instantly. Now freeze the sound and the freeze box appears but the status bar never increases, eventually the freeze just finishes with the indicator still at the beginning.
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has duplicate 0001665 closed behavior of status bar while freezing 



2006-03-22 08:33

reporter   ~0002466

Sorry, forgot to say that this only occurs in Alpha2.


2010-04-26 21:59

administrator   ~0007599

This now appears to be fixed. Is it still an issue for you?

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