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0001190features2013-11-28 23:35
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Summary0001190: Export Region with Plugins
DescriptionUnlike Export Range, currently Export Region does not give one the opportunity to export with plugins, just the raw audio is exported.

There are many situations where one would want to export a region with the plugins without having to select a range to export first.

At the very least there should be a warning that plugins aren't being exported with the Region, because this functionality is not obvious.
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2009-07-04 03:10

manager   ~0006210

Updating to a request for 3.0.



2009-07-04 03:16

reporter   ~0006211

Ardour2 2.8 still exhibits this behavior. When a range is selected and exported the post fader plugins are utilized to modify the audio. When a region is selected and exported, the export produces an exact match of the region. Ardour2 2.8 does this without making it clear that there is a difference between the two methods, (ie no warning that plugins are activated, or that they are activated but will not be used, etc).


2013-11-28 15:13

reporter   ~0015494


i just have realized (yesterday) that this is still the case in A3.5.74.dgb, bundle from

is that a bug or a feature?




2013-11-28 23:35

reporter   ~0015495

correction, this is actually working in a3.
we need to use the "Time span and channel options" -> "Track output" option and a3 will do a right export with processing.



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