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0001188ardourfeaturespublic2009-07-04 03:47
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Summary0001188: Would be nice to make a range from the range markers
DescriptionSorry if my vocabulary is a bit off.

I can select a range by mouse dragging in a track.

I can save a range by creating Range Markers (by clicking and dragging in the Range Marker track).

I cannot make a range from the range markers. Actually having a range in the track is useful for the operations which can be done on ranges.

It would be nice to add to the menu you get when you right-click on a Range Marker, "create range".

Also when you have selected a range in a track it would be useful to right-click "Save range" and Range Markers would be created automatically. A similar functionality already exists when you have selected a range in the track then you select a second range in the Range Marker track, you can then right click on the Range Marker and "set from Range" but this is round about.

A more thorough connection between the ranges and Range Markers would make both more useful. I think of range markers as a way of saving a carefully selected range.
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2009-07-04 03:35

reporter   ~0006212

This feature is present in Ardour2 2.8. Selecting a range and right clicking on it to bring up the context sensitive menu offers an option "Add Range Markers" which adds the appropriate range markers to the locations list, and displays the markers on the Range Markers timeline, if it is being displayed, or simply adds them to the Range Markers list if the Range Markers timeline is not being displayed. I think this issue can be closed.


2009-07-04 03:47

manager   ~0006214

Resolving out as the feature seems to have been implemented in the duration.

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