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Summary0001186: Demo Files
DescriptionThanks for making ardour and open sourcing it , looks like a great tool that will be worth learning.

The interface has lots of cool features that look vaguely familiar from my windows audio past. I'm not much of a documentation reader and generally prefer to play with examples or demo projects . This lets me see a real world example of how a program is used , from there i can work out the rest myself.
This is particularly important for people migrating platforms who will be unused
to the terminology.

So the feature i would like is : demo files.

They don't need to be supplied with the app , there could be a site for sharing
them ( a bit like the theme sites ) .
For extra bonus points: an automatic retrival system ( like gnome art manager ). For god like adulation: bolt in CVS and allow people to commit patches to the demos or their own works.
For full spectrum dominance: allow people to sell rendered mp3's of their tracks via that site with a percentage going to ardour dev.

I'm not much of an audio programmer but i do open source e-commerce sites
(can you guess ;) so i'd be happy to help make that happen if people where

Thanks again

Additional Informationusing ubuntu dapper drake , it installed beautifully and seems to run happily on my AMD k7 1800+ , 512 MB ram , via chipset and soundcard.
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2007-01-04 19:57

administrator   ~0002995

I think this is something that will be up to users to contribute. I know I'm not a good enough musician to write music to show of ardour features.

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