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0001148ardourbugspublic2009-07-04 22:41
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Product Version0.99 
Summary0001148: stops connection between ardour and jack after pressing stop after recording longer than 2 minutes
I liked ardour a lot and would like to use to record an entire rock album. But one prob allways comes along:
When recording even one track or more longer than 2 minutes and I stop recording ardour and jack loose connection.( jack reports ardour is slow).Even if there are no xruns at all. Does not matter if use root jack with realtime or as normal user. I use Multiface Hammerfall DSP and you know it would work perfect!
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2005-11-11 13:02

reporter   ~0002375

thing is I just found out that this bug was allready reported a few times. It also happens when you reach the end marker. Also on Playback and just a few plugins on suddenly crashes Ardour ( ardour too slow jack stops connection, even with realtime and ccrma core). Sadly it is not possible to work with this and I really wonder how the get the screenshot on the ardour main page. How can people record and mix with ardour without these problems ? Think I must go back to windows / logic but at this phase its not possible to use ardour in a studio!


2005-11-12 21:21

reporter   ~0002376

I experience the same serious problem on Fedora Core 4, Athlon 3000+, M-Audio Audiophile 2496, 1GB RAM, reiserfs disks for audio. Short recording for 1-2 seconds works fine. I tried to change timeout setting in qjackctl to 10 seconds, but the problem did not dissapear.


2009-07-04 22:41

manager   ~0006267

This should be fixed in any recent version(2.8 or newer), I have not heard of this problem in a long time. Resolving the issue out, but if it still affects you post back up and I will reopen and update the bug to a new version. Just make certain you test it with a recent (2.8 or newer) version of Ardour. Thanks.

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