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0001143features2010-07-21 15:47
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Summary0001143: Plugin enabling/disabling and plugin scenes
DescriptionHow about a panel that displays a list of all plugins currently being used over all tracks/busses or whatever with the ability to anable/disable all or some or one of them at a single mouse click. Moreover how about a plugin scene function allowing the user to store exactly what plugins are currently being used, so that user can change between different sets of active plugins.
This will be helpful for example where different plugin sets are required for different purposes such as recording/playback and even better for individuals with lower-end machines, where minimal plugin use during recording can be beneficial.
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2009-07-04 19:49

reporter   ~0006259

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As of Ardour2 version 2.8, this feature request should still be considered. Not sure what bendbones meant by a plugin scene function, but it seems quite natural to put a column in the plugin manager window that would have a check mark in it if the plugin was in use in the session, and perhaps another column that the user could edit that would indicate if the plugin was activated or deactivated. (A check mark would mean activated or activate it, and no check mark would mean deactivated or deactivate it -- on a session wide basis). It might be convenient to have the plugin manager window appear on the window list of the main menu.


2009-07-04 20:24

manager   ~0006260

This might be better approached by the method in a different feature request, of having each plugin displayed in the route dialog, possibly treed under the track. I don't remember the issue number off hand, if I get a moment I will link to it from here.

At any rate updating the feature request to apply to future versions of Ardour.

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