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0001108ardourbugspublic2009-08-24 23:22
Reporterccomb Assigned To 
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Product Version0.99 
Summary0001108: mixer : impossible to exit the edit mode of the PAN widget
Descriptionon a mixer strip with a stereo output, double-click on the PAN widget.
-> another widget appears to allow changing the PAN numeric value.

Now try to make this widget disappear...

You can click anywhere you want, the widget remains here. And the only
way to make it disappear is to double-click on another PAN widget
(that just moves the problem), or to change the strip width.

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2005-09-30 17:32

reporter   ~0002349

I've noticed this as well, though I was able to exit the widget by double clicking a plug-in.


2007-03-22 17:51

administrator   ~0003640

This seems to be fixed; clicking pretty much anywhere makes the pan widget disappear. Can you confirm?




2007-03-22 19:10

reporter   ~0003642

This bug is less annoying on 2.0, but is partly still here.
If you double-click on the PAN, then click just outside the created edit widget, the widget does not disappear. It disappears only when you click on another mixer strip, or when you click on some other widgets (not all), or in the plugin area.

It would be better to close the widget when you click anywhere outside it.

Daniel 2

2007-03-27 05:51

reporter   ~0003674

Right-click on the panner and it will go back to normal.


2007-03-27 06:13

reporter   ~0003675

Is right-clicking on a widget the most intuitive way to close it?

Daniel 2

2007-03-27 07:17

reporter   ~0003676

Last edited: 2007-03-27 07:57

I agree,it´s not very intuitive.
(As mentioned earlier,clicking anywhare outside the widget works fine as well on 2.0beta12.)


2009-07-04 03:53

manager   ~0006215

Well I just checked this and in current versions of Ardour (2.8) you can click elsewhere in the editor(Plugin area for instance) or just hit enter, and the widget will return to normal. As such I am going to resolve out this issue, post back up if it is still an issue.

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