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0001105ardourbugspublic2009-07-04 22:32
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Product Version2.8 
Summary0001105: Transport conflict when Ardour is not the master
DescriptionIf Ardour is both synced to Jack and the option is set to "stop transport at end of session" it will give the transport hell once it moves past the end of the session.

Ardour needs to disreguard this option when it is not the transport master.
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related to 0002017 closedpaul [PATCH] ardour restarts/stops infinitely on reaching end marker 



2005-09-30 19:45

reporter   ~0002350

Ack! Disreguard the report. I must have been on something. I had mistakenly left ardour as the jack time master.

However, I came upon a related bug that I don't think is due to my incompetence. It Ardour is both synced to jack and the jack time master, the loop mode play back acts odd. When looping back it gets stuck and stutters. It's as if changing the transport time screws with the sync of the playback and it is fighting itself trying to change the transport time.


2009-07-04 22:32

manager   ~0006264

Ok in 2.8 it seems that when locked to an external TC ardour still tries to respect its stop transport on session end option. This can result in it going back to where palyback stated and looping, or stopping outright.

Really what should happen is when locked to an external timecode, thatoption should not be enabled at all, and Ardour should continue so long as the transport continues, unless it is the TC master.

Given this I am updating this bug to apply to 2.8.

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