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0000011ardourbugspublic2003-12-12 14:42
Reportertaybin Assigned Topaul  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Summary0000011: careful handling of X modifiers required
DescriptionPop-up menus should work regardless of num-lock status. we need to check the X modifier map information on startup, complain if its not sane, and handle various odd conditions properly. [ paul says: use code xphat to do this ]
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2003-10-21 02:02

administrator   ~0000037

to track this down, we really need to know the xmodmap -pm output
for the user (NOTE: this will need to be added to the bugs script - i will
file this as a separate report). if NumLock has been bound to, say, Mod2, then
we cannot easily distinguish this situation from, say, the "windows" key from
being bound to Mod2. i have code to look at the X keybindings and see
what is going on, but its quite complex and ugly :)


2003-11-25 22:01

administrator   ~0000197

we only pay attention to modifiers that are in use. all others are ignored. commited to CVS november 24th 2003 or before.


2003-12-12 14:42

administrator   ~0000264

Ardour now works with and without num-lock.

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