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0001076ardourfeaturespublic2007-01-17 13:34
ReporterFishB8 Assigned Totaybin  
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Summary0001076: Ability to delete things
DescriptionThere is currently no way (that I'm aware of) to delete things like "chunks" "edit groups" or "mix groups".

I'm reporting this as a bug rather than a feature, since there are circumstances where not being able to delete these can be quite annoying usability issues.
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2006-11-06 18:12

administrator   ~0002677

Have you tried shift-clicking on them? I think that will delete them. Not optimal, I know. A popup menu would be much better.

Is this still an issue in ardour2?


2006-11-08 03:32

reporter   ~0002710

we can now delete mix groups in version 2 with the "-"
button at the bottom, however we do need to have the
selected group highlighted, because there really is
no way to tell which one is selected.

Same applies to edit groups in the editor window.

(Also, the add and remove buttons in the edit group
window need to be handled the same as they are in
the mix group window so that they don't overlap
each other when the window size is reduced)


2007-01-10 20:09

administrator   ~0003044

This is also a problem with the region list.


2007-01-17 13:34

administrator   ~0003079

in current svn, and upcoming beta11, select then press delete.

i have changed the colors so the current selection is more obvious.

hopefully, this closes this particular issue.

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