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0001063ardourfeaturespublic2005-09-08 17:46
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Summary0001063: Multichannel Panning Proposal
DescriptionThe multichannel panners are a great idea, but a real pain in the arse to use. I would like to propose the following changes:

1) Do not use the small space to set panning. It would look the same as it does now, but when the user clicks on it with the mouse, a window would open up. (something with a size in the range of 400x400 pixels) It would be the same interface but larger. This would allow for much finer control and proper readable labeling of the inputs and outputs. When the user is done they close the window and the change is shown back in the small version of the panning widget still located in the mixer strip. Both the big and small version would need to be able to show the inputs and outputs moving around when the panning automation is in play mode.

2)In this new big panning window, have buttons at the bottom to toggle locking the placementof inputs or outputs. This has nothing to do with automation, but just makes sure that when you're trying to grab an input you don't accidentally grab an output. (and vice versa)

3)Allow the user to set the panning strength on a track by track basis. This would allow them to control the rate of attenuation as an input is moved away from an output.
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2005-09-08 17:46

reporter   ~0002314

I forgot to include what changes would also need to take place in the editor window. There really is no way to use the graph interface as used in stereo mode. However there could be a time line showing control points on it. Similar in appearance to the graph interface, but just a straight line. Control points could be moved in the X direction, but not it the Y direction. When a control point is selected for editing (whatever key/mouse combination that might be), the window for multichannel panning I described earlier would pop up. If another control point is selected for editing and the window is still open, the window would change to show that control point's settings.

This would allow this ability to modify multichannel pan settings in the editor window, plus the ability to copy, paste, duplicate and move the multichannel pan control points.

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