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0000105ardourbugspublic2004-05-09 19:46
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Summary0000105: Crashes after right clicking on newly recorded regions.
DescriptionSometimes right clicking a new recorded region crashes ardour. The first click doesn't always do it, sometimes you have to click few times to crash ardour, and sometimes the context menu opens like normal. There is no other message from ardour than 'Segmentation fault'.

This doesn't seem to happen with old regions (=regions which are loaded from the project file).

(This is not 100% reproducible, sometimes the context menu opens up very nicely)

I've tried this both on the rc7 and rc8 build of ardour from the PlanetCCRMA archives.
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2004-05-07 00:04

administrator   ~0000690

Reminder sent to v2

Is this still a problem with the latest ardour?


2004-05-09 19:27

developer   ~0000711

I could not reproduce it. So I guess it's fixed.


2004-05-09 19:46

developer   ~0000712

.. I guess it's fixed.

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