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0001026ardourfeaturespublic2009-07-05 03:14
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Summary0001026: Need a way to go BACK to the last Zoom state.
DescriptionI am often in Zoom mode and think I'm in Object mode. I click on an object and am forced to zoom. It sure would be nice to have a "Go back to the last zoom" ability.
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2005-07-15 21:00

administrator   ~0002282

we used to put zoom ops on the undo/redo stack, and people found it irritating. it has been suggested to have an independent zoom undo/redo stack, and we will certainly consider this when we start making substantive UI changes post-2.0


2005-07-16 14:56

reporter   ~0002285

I agree that I would NOT want zoom states in with the regular history stack. (It sure would be nice to be able to see that stack and pick a point in it though.)

I think that a single "last zoom state" toggle feature would handle 90% of the needs here though. Could be just a key binding that toggles between the current and last zooms so you could go back and forth with a single keystroke. I've seen this ability in 3D mechanical engineering CAD programs and it is used a LOT.


2006-06-09 21:58

reporter   ~0002511

Another solution would be to be able to assign keybindings to different zoom levels. I use that feature in Pro T**ls quite a bit.


2006-06-28 13:35

updater   ~0002514

I like the idea of assigning keybindings to different zoom levels. I think it's a good way to improve usability of ardour.


2009-07-05 03:14

manager   ~0006294

You can now set up views that would have different zoom levels and switch between them, this should alleviate this issue. As a result I am resolving the issue out.

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