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0001020ardourbugspublic2010-05-02 12:09
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Summary0001020: New track (manual setup) not added to JACK (qjackctl) "Connections -> Input Ports" list
DescriptionThis may be a JACK or qjackctl bug. When I add a new single track (eg. "Audio 1") with "Manual Setup" for the Channel Configuration (no input connections), it adds the track fine in the Ardour Editor and Mixer windows and qjackctl shows the new track's output ports connected to the "master in"s but there is no entry for the new track's input port(s). I can manually add a connection using the "INPUT" button in the Ardour mixer and then the new track input port(s) correctly show up in qjackctl.
Additional InformationArdour 0.9beta29
Fedora Core 3 CCRMA
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2010-05-02 12:09

administrator   ~0007753

Works for me. Is this still an issue?

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