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Summary0001017: Plugins
DescriptionPlugin conversion utility for people with VST and especially VTSi for in the future when you get MIDI sequencing going. LADSPA is great but there are soooo many more plugins currently available for the VST based systems. I know there is a utility which will convert DirectX plugins to VST format. Maybe i should be asking elsewhere but i figure who better than you guys to know how to get a converter written for VST to LADSPA format. Maybe by the nature of the "S" in the name LADSPA this is more difficult that I can understand because I am not a LADSPA developer nor am I any sort of plugin developer (I do happen to write software for a living though) so, barring any impossibilities, it seems to me that one of either things could happen. VST plugins could be directly supported or we could have someone write a VST to LADSPA converter. I am very very particularly interested in the VST Instrument plugins for when you get MIDI sequencing implemented (I beleive this is a feature you plan on working on or so it says on the main page) because I use a lot of MIDI instrumentation to get rough cut ideas of how I want songs played when I write them but don't have a band. I think much of the Ardour user base is likely in a similar situation i.e. don't wanna spend $1000 on Sucknar or Crapbase just to get a good sounding virtual band to write songs with using MIDI instrumentation. Ok, if anyone else cares about this too. please say so, I think this would be a GREAT feature and would really increase the viability and "credibility" of Ardour among the amateur hobbyist and semi-pro home-studiophile crowd.
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2005-06-26 03:59

administrator   ~0002273

you cannot write a particularly useful wrapper for VST->LADSPA.

VST plugins are written to run on windows or mac os. running them on linux on an x86 processor requires a windows emulator (wine). we have some support for this, and it will improve. but you need to understand that almost all plugins have a strong dependency on some operating system, and that switching operating systems essentially renders them unusable.

if VST plugins were open source, the situation would be a lot easier, but they generally are not. it will never be possible to run every windows VST plugin on linux - many of them use facilities that Wine cannot provide.

things like the VST<->DirectX wrappers do not need to deal with this "different operating system" issue, and so they are much easier to create.


2006-11-02 20:36

administrator   ~0002586

Ardour2 supports, to an extent, VST plugins. Resolved?

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