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Summary0001002: Right click on a track and edit WAV file externally
DescriptionThis is similar to the feature requested earlier here:
but different in that I wish I could edit the whole wav section in a spawned WAV editor. I wonder if it would be easier to implement something more along these lines since you don't have to worry about sending ranges to external editors. It would be nice if a user could specify an external WAV editor in Ardour's options and then pass a WAV along to that editor upon graphical track selection. This would be a HUGE help in many situations like track cleanup or adding effects without the processor burden of real-time.
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2005-05-29 14:54

developer   ~0002249

i'm not sure what functionality you want from the external editor that ardour doesn't already provide.
the freeze function resolves the 'processor burden' issue you mention, and cleanup of tracks can be done by trimming or splittong regions.
can you describe in more detail where this would be useful?


2005-05-30 05:06

reporter   ~0002253

Thanks for your attention to this request. I am not familiar with the freeze function you spoke about. I can not find any notes about it in the user's manual or in by searching for it on the mailing lists. Maybe you can help me out by pointing me in the right direction to understand more about it.

I would be glad to describe other examples where it would be useful. The truth is that there are almost too many examples to choose from. A quote from "" is that Ardour is not a sound file editor so I would just like to take advantage of the other sound file editor tools that already exist without having to burden the ardour devs with rewriting too much editor functionality. If nothing more, it's just that I want that creative freedom.

To clarify, in the example I spoke of earlier about using an external editor to apply effects to tracks, I would like to be able to apply the effects in an external editor, be able to save the afftected track, and then listen to it back in the Ardour session. This would give me the ability to add layers upon layers of effects to a track without doing any realtime processing during session playback in Ardour. (Again, I don't know anything about the freeze function so I don't know if it can give me the ability to hear the whole session with all the effects without exporting.)

Another example would be applying effects in more non-traditional ways. Say, I have a song that has a few bars of an instrumental break that builds up to a powerful vocal section. To help build excitement and anticipation during the instrumental break, I would like to have a wet and wide reverse reverb applied to the first word of the vocals after the instrumental break. Althogh a realtime reverse reverb exists in the LADSPA world, it doesn't meet my needs in this particular scenario, so I would like to take advantage of the many excellent normal LADSPA reverbs. To do this, I would like to send my Ardour vocal track to an external editor, reverse the track so it plays backwards, apply a rich, five second, forward reverb to only the single word after the instrumental break (not the entire track), and then reverse the whole track once more so it plays forward. The result would be an interesting reverberated fade-in to the vocals after the instrumental break.

That example may be unusual, but it is one of many ways I could use an external editor to increase the quality of my recordings created with ardour. Ardour is an excellent tool for doing what it does, but it's not a sound editor. Ardour is like a space shuttle. It's great if you want to drive to the space station but I wouldn't want to drive it to the corner store. :) Sure, there are ways to accomplish just about anything sound file related in Ardour, but it's not the best tool for every sound editing job.

(If this is getting too lengthy for this feature tool, please feel free to email me.)

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