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0002777ardourbugspublic2009-07-11 17:372010-04-24 03:31
Assigned Topaul 
PlatformOSOS Version
Product Version2.8.1 
Target Version2.8.3Fixed in Version 
Summary0002777: [PATCH] missing support for lv2 external ui extension
DescriptionATM two plugins use this extension. lv2fil and lv2nekobee. Only the former is loadable in ardour2 because lv2nekobee is an instrument/synth.
Additional InformationThe attached patch fixes the issue for me.
TagsNo tags attached.
Attached Filespatch file icon ardour-2.8.1-lv2-external-ui.patch [^] (17,499 bytes) 2009-07-11 17:37 [Show Content]

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nedko (reporter)
2009-07-30 11:36

This is probably bug in ardour patch for external UI: [^]

Last time I checked ardour pluginui C++ objects where not freed,
nettings (manager)
2009-08-06 16:25

fwiw, this patch has worked flawlessly here for a while. would be nice to have in ardour.
nettings (manager)
2009-08-06 16:31

patch still applies to current 2.0 svn (r5494).
nettings (manager)
2009-08-14 02:27
edited on: 2009-08-16 05:35

two (very minor) problems with this patch (or maybe with external UIs in general):

a) the external UI window is not "always on top" (the host-generated LADSPA and lv2 GUIs are) - this should be changed for a consistent user experience

b) the external UI window (and process) stay up after ardour has been terminated. it would be kind of nice if ardour signaled all external UIs to terminate themselves as well.
[Update:] this latter allegation is wrong. under normal circumstances, the UI terminates along with ardour. the undead UIs only occur when ardour crashes.

paul (administrator)
2009-10-01 09:32

committed to 2.0-ongoing and 3.0
nettings (manager)
2009-10-03 14:18

something must have gone wrong here. i've been using that patch for weeks without problems. now i did an "svn revert -R .", followed by an "svn up" to pull the latest changes to a clean tree, and now a session is disconnected from JACK the moment i attempt to open nedko's 4band parametric (the only plugin so far that uses this patch). reconnection attempts fail.

any old sessions that already contain the 4band parametric will load, but disconnect from JACK the moment i try to play them or position the playhead.
nettings (manager)
2009-10-03 14:45

nedko pointed me to, [^] and indeed an update of lv2fil fixes the issue. i just wonder why the first time i see this problem coincides with an ardour update.
i'll leave the issue open for now, until some more testing has been done.
nettings (manager)
2009-10-24 14:29

no further problems after the update from nedko's tree and several days of heavy use.

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