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Summary0000985: layering model
DescriptionLayering model: most recently ADDED layer is on top. It maintains its layering position. A new rule is needed.

Layering order must be maintained. For example; if a region is split, causing the mandatory creation of a new layer, the presplit ordering of the layers must be maintained.

IRC Conversation:
studio: las, DP deletes underlying layers where a punchin/overdub occurs thus maintaining one top layer.

las studio: deletes them? what happens if you are punching in over a long region. do you end up with 3 shorter regions, all butted toegther?

studio las, yes, it's three distinct regions butted together.

las studio: and now if you move the middle region, there is silence on one side of it? (i.e. a gap?)

studio that is correct

studio las, with our latest logic we have the same results except underlying regions are maintained and so moving the upper exposes the next down.

las studio: with "most recently added is on top", the split should maintain ordering because you get one new region and one truncated one. the new one is higher than the old one, but they are both on top

studio las, but we're not splitting the top.

las studio: ah, you're splitting a lower region, and the new one from the split rises to the top?

studio yes

studio las, we've got two regions. the last 10 seconds of the leftmost region is on bottom because of the punchin. when we split before the punchin everything to the right of the punchin rises to the top.
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