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0009741ardourfeaturespublic2024-07-10 22:23
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PlatformApple MacintoshOSMacOSOS Version10.12 or later
Product Version8.6 
Summary0009741: Simplified Arbitrary Grid
DescriptionGrid Mode and its associated menus should be simplified and enhanced to support fractional divisions of any denominator.

Currently, the Grid Mode menu (on the toolbar) has three separate sections: one for powers of 2, one for triplets, and one for
quintuplets. Additionally, the "Edit/Snap & Grid" menu has a section for septuplets. Instead, there should be a single menu which adapts to whatever "base" fraction is currently selected, with the base fraction being any fraction with a numerator of 1, and an arbitrary denominator with the powers of 2 removed.

The denominator of the base fraction should be selectable with a text input box, where the user can type any number to divide the duration of a whole note. If the requested number contains a factor of a power of 2, this should be removed to set the base fraction internally.

For a given base fraction, the grid menu should be filled with the base fraction, and below that, its multiples by powers of two. For
example, when the base fraction is 1/3, then the grid menu should read:

No Grid

If the user had requested a base fraction of 1/6, this would select a base fraction of 1/3 (which would not necessarily be externally
visable), but the active fraction of the grid would remain 1/6. Regardelss of the base fraction, the commands "Previous Quantize Grid
Choice" and "Next Quantize Grid Choice" (hotkeys "5" and "6", respectively) should navigate up and down this grid menu.

The default base fraction should be 1/1, which would give the standard durations of powers of 2:

No Grid

The behavior described here would result in a simpler, unified menu, and it would also be more flexible.

If a swing feature is ever added to the Grid, then the swing could be applied to the current power of 2, shifting every other grid line.
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