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0009739ardourbugspublic2024-07-08 08:25
Reporterdidgewind Assigned To 
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PlatformLinuxOSLUbuntuOS Version22.04
Product Version8.6 
Summary0009739: Volume meters go to top level without playing audio, when playing audio nothing is heard.
DescriptionSometimes (50 - 60% of the times) when I open an ardour project volume meters in some audio tracks (master and some others) go to top level and stay there. It doesn't matter if I am playing the session or not. And when playing the session nothing is heard. I'm attaching a screenshot so you can have an idea. The only solution is closing the project, opening again and crossing fingers.
Steps To ReproduceIt's very random.
Tags8.6, audio



2024-07-08 08:24


ardour crashed.png (182,892 bytes)   
ardour crashed.png (182,892 bytes)   


2024-07-08 08:25

reporter   ~0028812

It happened to me also in version 7 of ardour. I thought upgrading the problem would solve.

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