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0009722ardourbugspublic2024-06-17 11:37
Reporterruniq Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
PlatformThinkpad X1 Carbon 4th gen 2016OSFedora KinoiteOS Version40
Product Version8.6 
Summary0009722: Launchpad Pro MK3: Cannot launch cues with the scene buttons
DescriptionI cannot launch an entire cue with the > scene buttons (i.e. the ones that are on the right of the Launchpad's 8x8 grid).
Steps To Reproduce1. Open Ardour, make new project
1. Set up Launchpad with Ardour
2. Switch to Cue window
3. Drag 'click-120bpm.flac' into empty space to create a new track
4. Do it again to create another track
5. Press the first grid line's '>' button on the right on Launchpad

This should launch scene A, if I understand everything correctly. It does nothing, however.
Tagscontrol surface, cue


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