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0009718ardourfeaturespublic2024-06-10 21:04
Reportermuzzol Assigned Tox42  
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Product Version8.6 
Summary0009718: Feature: Show message/banner on project start
DescriptionI'm working on some courses and I'm creating templates for all my students.
I would like to show some notes when you open the project/template for the first time.

As you can also put comments on channels I think the easiest way to do it would be creating an option like:

"Show Master Channel Comments on start"

And a check to not showing it again in the future.

If there's no comments, this option will be ignored.
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2024-06-05 11:22


ard_comments.jpg (24,893 bytes)   
ard_comments.jpg (24,893 bytes)   


2024-06-08 22:34

administrator   ~0028785

I like the idea, and it's relatively simple to do this unconditionally. Yet the following conditions are tricky:

"when you open the project/template for the first time." and "a check to not showing it again in the future."

For templates there already is a large comment area in the session dialog. This leaves existing sessions. Since the session already exists there is no way to determine how often it has been opened by a given user.
Also we generally avoid "do not show this dialog again" messages.

One option I can think of is to make this a Session Property. So there is a per-session setting, which a user can disable.


2024-06-08 22:36

administrator   ~0028786

PS. you can already do this using a Lua Script. You can trigger a script on Session load, which then shows a dialog window (and check a file in the session folder if to show the dialog again)


2024-06-08 23:30

administrator   ~0028787

Last edited: 2024-06-08 23:30

I've implemented a Prototype.. Session > Properties > Misc .. has an option to show the master-bus comment the next time the session is loaded.

Available since Ardour 8.6-252-gacb5feec4a


2024-06-10 07:02

reporter   ~0028788

wow, that was really fast.

I didn't realize you can do it with Lua, I'll check it if I can find time to compile it.


2024-06-10 21:04

administrator   ~0028789

You can also try a build. tomorrow's build ( 8.6.255 or later) will also have a checkbox in the master bus' comment box.

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