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0009712ardourfeaturespublic2024-05-28 07:21
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Product Version8.6 
Summary0009712: Feature: Overriding default-session-parent-dir
DescriptionIn my setup I always run Ardour where the music files are located. I also occasionally move session filetrees from one location to another. This works well as long as the session .ardour file has default (empty) values for audio-search-path and midi-search-path.

I found out that, to keep these default values for the search paths, it is required to **always** start ardour with a full session path. For example:

cd /path/to/MyMusic
ardour8 /path/to/MyMusic/MySong

It would, however, be more intuitive to run Ardour with just a session name instead:

ardour8 MySong

When no path is supplied, Ardour uses the config value default-session-parent-dir for the session data. The behaviour I would like to achieve is to use the current directory instead.

My feature request is a method to override the value of default-session-parent-dir when starting Ardour. This could be done with a command line option, but probably easiest to implement is by using the value of an environment variable, e.g. ARDOUR_SESSION_PATH.
Additional Informationcd /path/to/MyMusic
ardour8 /path/to/MyMusic/MySong <-- creates /path/to/MyMusic/MySong with default search paths
ardour8 MySong <-- creates MySong with default search paths in default-session-parent-dir
ardour8 ./MySong <-- creates /path/to/MyMusic/MySong with full search paths

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